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EVVEMI is an online platform that connects clients and hairstyle artists.

Time: June - August, 2018

My role: UX/UI Designer

Team members: Evan Silberhorn (Head of Product), Sylvia Baba (UI/UX Desginer), Darshini Shah (UI/UX Designer), Abhinav Gupta (Engineer), Chenghui Deng (Engineer)

Highlights: Collaborated with engineering team in agile development to convery complex UI/UX concepts for product initial launch

Tools: Sketch, Adobe XD, InVision, Photoshop, Zeplin, Confluence, JIRA



I joined EVVEMI team in June, 2018 as a UI/UX designer.

Problem Statement

81% of women agree their self-confidence, identity, health and well-being are tied to their hair. However, finding a perfect match for hair stylists is never an easy task. Reviews on merchadising platforms and recommendations from friends usually are not quite helpful, as everyone's hair is so unique, and is related to one's race, culture, life style, and more.


Evvemi is set to be a data-driven platform that provides greater precision and transparency for personalized, healthy beauty devices.

User Research

I conducted door-to-door research with Sylvia Baba by visiting, interviewing, and collecting surveys of over 20 salons and stylists to know their needs, pain points, attitudes, behaviors. By analyzing and prioritizing all the quantitative and qualitative of the research studies, we narrowed our problems down to one: scheduling.


Some of the crucial parts are protected under NDA.